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Open Source Projects

Open source software is behind virtually every aspect of FetLife's operations. Without all of the great community projects that we use, there would be no FetLife.

Some notable ones include:

Naturally, though, sometimes we actually write our own code (at least, that's what we tell John). We're proud to give back to the community by open sourcing the vast majority of our projects (not to mention contributing patches and support to other projects). Here are some of the cool things we've opened up.

Our Projects

Code that powers FetLife that we have proudly given back to the community.


While features are still baking in the oven, we like to be able to test them on the live site. But until they're ready to rock, not everybody gets to see them.

Rollout is the tool we use to determine who gets access to features. It allows us to give access to groups, like the caretakers and greeters, specific people like John, or a percentage of the total FetLife population. We currently use rollout to control access to the activity feed and chat. We'll use it for anything new that we build.

Links: Github/Code

Want to see some of our technical presentations?

Check out our presentations page were we share a couple of JamesLennon's talks where he talks shop.

Want to Contribute?

If you want to get involved with any of these projects, join Github, fork the project and send us some pull requests!

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