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Guidelines & Legalese

FetLife's guidelines, privacy policy, legal info, etc.

Animal Cruelty

At FetLife HQ, we are big animal lovers and do not allow any visual or written material to do with the crushing of any type of animal, either dead or alive, in a sexual or kinky context. Animals include, but are not limited to mammals, insects, and fish.

The crushing of inanimate objects like a freshly baked apple pie is perfectly acceptable, as long as you first cut us a piece! Any chance of some vanilla ice cream to go with it?!

What is in violation of this guideline?

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Zoosadism
  • Crushing of a living or dead animal
  • Mutilating, torturing, or killing an animal

What is not in violation of this guideline?

Examples include:

  • Giantess crushing fantasy
  • Stepping on your partners chest
  • Crushing of inanimate objects (e.g. toy car, plastic bug, stuffie)
  • Leech not being harmed and not on a person's privates
  • Campaign concerning animal welfare

How do I report a potential violation of this guideline?

You can report a potential animal cruelty as follows:

  1. Visit the page with the potential infringing content
  2. Select "...", “More”, or “Options”
  3. Select “Report”
  4. Select "Content Not Permitted"
  5. Select "Next"
  6. Provide why you believe the material should not be allowed
  7. Select "Report"

For more information, you can refer to Submitting a Report.

Who can report a potential violation of this guideline?

Anyone who comes across content they believe might fall under this guideline.

What happens if someone violates this guideline?

If someone posts a picture or video with actual animal cruelty, they get an instant three-day timeout.

For each subsequent violation, the person's timeout increases in length, up to a maximum of a one-month timeout. They also risk losing their account permanently.