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Guidelines & Legalese

FetLife's guidelines, privacy policy, legal info, etc.


You must have copyright permission for everything you post to FetLife. If you do not have copyright permission for the content, what you post is in violation of this guideline.

NOTE: If you are in the picture or video you want to be removed, we recommend you follow the “Person in Picture / Video” guideline and process instead. It’s quicker and safer.

What is in violation of this guideline?

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Picture you found on the internet and copied without permission (not explicitly public domain)
  • Copying a complete article and sharing it without permission (quoting parts is fine)
  • Reposting an adult-oriented picture or video without permission from a professional porn site

What is not in violation of this guideline?

Content is not in violation when you have the “Intellectual Property” rights to post the content. This can be because:

  1. You own the copyright to the content; ex. you took the picture, original work
  2. The copyright owner has given you permission to post the content to FetLife
  3. Content falls under “fair use”; i.e. has to meet ALL of the following factors:
    • purpose and character of work,
    • nature of work,
    • amount of work used compared to copyrighted work, and
    • effect of use on potential market for work;
  4. Content is in the public domain; or
  5. Content has a Creative Commons license, or similar.

Who can report a violation of this guideline?

Anyone who owns the intellectual property of the content in question can report the content.

How do I report a violation of this guideline?

You can report material that is potentially in violation of this guideline as follows:

On Desktop and Mobile:

  1. Visit the content
  2. Select “options”
  3. Select “report”
  4. Select “I’m the copyright holder and want this [picture/video] taken down.”
  5. Fill out the corresponding form
  6. Select “Report it”

For non-members:

If you own the content’s copyright, fill out the copyright infringement form at:

For more general information on reporting, please visit: Submitting a Report.

What happens if someone violates this guideline?

A FetLife team member reviews the report. Copyright infringement reports are legal documents, so they must be completed accurately. We may contact the reporter for extra information when needed.

If the form / report has been filled out correctly:

  1. We remove the content
  2. We contact the member who posted the content

The reported member has the right to counter the DMCA. If FetLife receives a Counter-DMCA:

  • the DMCA and Counter-DMCA reports are exchanged between the two parties,
  • the parties will have to resolve it in court, and
  • FetLife will restore the removed content in 7 days, unless we receive a court order against restoring the content

In cases where a member repeatedly violates this guideline, additional consequences will follow. This may include escalating suspensions from FetLife and/or removal of image galleries.