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Guidelines & Legalese

FetLife's guidelines, privacy policy, legal info, etc.


What criteria is needed to list an event?

An event listed in our events section needs to:

  • Occur at a specific date and time (e.g Jan 1st from 5pm-7pm)
  • Happen at a particular location (in-person, virtual, or both)
  • Be open to more than just a couple of people at a time

If an event does not have all of the above, it's most likely not an event and the event section is probably not the best place to post it.

Why did my event get removed?

Examples of not an event includes but is not limited to:

  • Looking for two people for a threesome
  • Looking for a third to join us (aka unicorn)
  • Event but with no location determined yet (e.g TBD)
  • By appointment only within the scheduled time frame
  • Offering free or for pay massages, professional or not
  • Looking for one person to hookup with (e.g personal ad)
  • Looking for talent (e.g. people who want to be cam models)
  • Looking for someone to attend an event with (e.g. extra ticket)
  • Advertisement promoting online services (e.g. pay-per-view, subscriptions, camming, etc.)
  • Event created to solicit followers of a group on or off-site
  • Advertisements for one on one paid-for sessions
  • All week event looking for people for something
  • Casting call (auditions) for porn shoot
  • Professional photo / modeling shoots

Only One Event Listing per Event & No Recycling of Event Listings

We only allow one event listing per unique event. Recurring events (ex. monthly munches, yearly conferences, etc.) need to have a separate listing per event.

If more than one listing is created for a specific event, we remove all but one listing.

If an event listing is recycled by moving forward the date/time of the event listing, the event will be removed without notice.

If an event organizer, organization, etc. continue to create multiple listings for the same event, or recycle previous event listings, they risk the following:

  • Having all of their event listings removed
  • Losing the ability to promote any future events on FetLife