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Guidelines & Legalese

FetLife's guidelines, privacy policy, legal info, etc.

Group Ownership Limits

Limits on Group Ownership

To increase diversity, prevent group collection, and limit the power of any one individual, we restrict the number of groups that any one person can own to twenty groups.

Even if someone has more than one profile, they can only own up to twenty groups amongst all of their profiles.

This guideline is not retroactive. If you notice a member owning more than twenty groups, it's most likely because they owned them before this rule went into effect.

This guideline applies to group ownership and NOT group leaders and/or moderators.

Group Collectors

Profiles created for the sole purpose of collecting groups are removed from FetLife to give them the opportunity for others to become more active in their communities.

Potential group collector profiles are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.