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What can I do if someone is following me everywhere in FetLife (Restraining Order)?

If you've blocked someone, but they seemingly follow you into groups, respond always after you do, etc., it might be time to request a FetLife Restraining Order (ROs). ROs are a two-way street (because hey, relationships are two-ways streets, right?). Each person in an RO is requested, from that point on, to cease speaking of, to, or about one another (directly or indirectly) in the public areas of FetLife. In effect, we ask that each person pretty much 'pretend' that the other person does not exist on the site.

We will also request that each person remove any other posts on FetLife about one another. If we come across old posts ourselves, we will remove them without notification or a warning.

If this FetLife Restraining Order is violated in any shape or form, or if either person tries to circumvent it, a warning will be issued. If the behavior continues, someone may be removed and banned from the site. We really hate to do that, but we hope that by creating this restraining order, everybody can get back to enjoying FetLife - which is the real reason we're all here! (well, that and to perv on those pics and videos...)