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How to manually install the FetLife Android App?

Step 1: Enable Unknown Source Setting (if not yet enabled)

If you already tried to install the Android app before, Android might have warned you that in order to install the App you have the enable App installations from Unknown Sources. It will automatically offer you to take you to the appropriate Settings screen. Enable the Settings to continue the installation.

If your device did not take you to this setting automatically, or the process stopped before you could enable it, you can do it manually via your Device Settings. Go to Settings -> Security and find the entry marked “Unknown Sources” and enable it.

Step 2: Make sure the App had been downloaded

Open your Download or File browser App and look for the FetLife Apk. The file name changes with every version. If you can’t find the App file, please re-download it.

Step 3: Open the downloaded file and install

After locating the App file with your Download App or File browser simply press it to start the Installation process. Selecting “yes” from the on-screen prompt.

Note: Some of the Download or File browser Apps do not automatically start the installation process after selecting the apk App file. If this is the case, please try long pressing on the selected file or use a different App.

Step 4: Wait until the installation is finished

The progress of the installation will be displayed in your notification bar. Once the app is installed you can open it.

Step 5: Re-disable Unknown Source Setting (Optional)

This step is not required, you already have the App, but to keep your device secure from malicious apps we highly recommend you disable the Unknown Sources Setting.

To do so go to to Settings -> Security and find the entry with “Unknown Sources” and disable it.

We would love to make the app available in Google's Play Store but unfortunately they don't allow apps with content like FetLife's.

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