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I'm in a Picture/Video that was posted on FetLife, and I didn't give permission!

An ex-partner of yours has a picture/video of you on their profile that you want taken down but they won't remove it? Not cool.

To get the picture/video taken down, email us at and with the following completed form and we will remove the content for you:

I certify that the following list of pictures/videos are of me and the person who posted them does not have permission (model release) to do so. I would like FetLife to please take them down.

[links to the offending pictures, videos go here, one per line]

I also give FetLife permission to notify the member that I was the one who requested the takedown.

The following is my info:

FetLife Nickname: [FetLife Nickname]

Link to my Profile: [Link to my Profile]

Email Address: [Email Address]

If you have any questions about the process please don't hesitate to email us at