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What is a good password?

How do I create an easy to remember but hard to guess password?

Here are two possible ways:

  • Think of a sentence that means something to you and use the first letter of each word to create the password. Preserve punctuation, add in a number or special character, et voilà (that's Greek and means "oh, look, a shiny!").

Take for example "The big John Baku jumps over the lazy James Lennon at FetLife, eating two hotdogs" - you can convert it to "TbJBjotlJL@F,e2h". Complete gibberish, eh? But actually if you remember the sentence you can just recite it in your mind while you type your password (be careful that you don't say it out loud, though ;-) ). It doesn't have to be as long as this example, but should have at least 8 characters.

Oh, and under penalty of non-consensual spankings: DON'T use one of the above example passwords, or any example password from any website!