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Plushophilia is the deep love, admiration, or sexual attraction to plushies (stuffed animals). Even though it can be considered a kink, depending how people view their plushies individually could put them into different categories.

Plushie Preference

  1. A person who has an attraction to plushies in romantic way, but not sexually could be classified under romantic orientation.
  2. A person who just collects plushies wouldn't be classified as anything but a collector.
  3. A person who may have a sexual preference for plushies could fall under sex toys, kink, or sexual preference

All these things are dependent on how a person views their plushies. Plushies in a sexual sense can be cuddled while masturbating, rubbed on the genitals for external pleasure, or modded with an SPH (strategically placed hole), SPA (strategically placed appendage) or multiple SPH's.

Types of Plushies Modifications

Basic SPH: The most basic SPH is a hole that can be cut into the plushie for penetration purposes.

SPH Sleeve: This type of SPH is a sleeve sewn into the plushie usually made of fabric, vinyl, or latex that allows the person penetrate the plushie. Some of these can actually be removed for cleaning and maintenance.

SPH Insert Sleeve: These are a more permanent fixture placed into the plushie that allow a toy such as a Fleshlight to be inserted into the plushie to be used. These kind of SPH's can be exposed or hidden by a zipper when not in use.

SPA (strap on): This is the easiest way to add an SPA (strategically placed appendage) to a plushie. The user just uses a strap-on dildo to the plushie so that plushie can penetrate said user.

SPA (integrated fabric): These type of SPA's are designed to be more cosmetic than functional. They allow the plushie look more realistic and aroused sexually.

SPAID: (strategically placed appendage with integrated dildo). These types of SPA's are dildos that are integrated into a sheath on the plushie. This is a much more complex version of the strap-on method. When not in use, the dildo can be pushed into the plushie to be hidden.

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