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How do I secure my account with a strong password?

The following guidelines are essential for having a safe browsing experience across all password protected sites you use. We highly recommend doing all of the below:

  1. Choose unique passwords for each site that require a password
  2. Use a password manager to keep track of your passwords (for example: 1Password or LastPass). These password managers will also automatically tell you if a site has been compromised so that you can change your password on that site!
  3. Keep your passwords private and share them with no one, not even your partner!
  4. When creating a password, use a password generator to help you and:
    • Avoid common words and character combinations
    • The longer the password, the better! A minimum of 8 characters is a good start
    • Use a combination of letters (both capitalized and lowercase), numbers, and symbols

Even when you manage your passwords well, there’s still a small chance of them being compromised (e.g. people with access to your devices). So we recommend securing your account even more by setting up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).