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Transparency Report

We update our transparency report monthly to give everyone visibility into the health of the community.

Publicly tracking health metrics allows us to reflect on what we are doing. It also gives us the opportunity to keep you up to date on what we are currently working on to improve specific metrics.

Overall Health

How many reports did we get?

How many unique reports did we get?

What percent of unique reports did we take action on?

What percent of our monthly active members did we take action against?

Response Time

We aim to resolve 95% of cases reported to us in under 30 minutes and 99.9% of cases reported to us under 24 hours.

What percent of reports are reviewed and handled within 30 minutes?

  • 2024/01: Response time fell slightly due to the loss of two caretakers before Christmas and increased reports due to guideline changes. We're in the process of training one caretaker with three more being hired.
  • 2023/01: Response time has taken a nose dive due to the loss of two caretakers right before Christmas. We've hired two new caretakers that are currently being trained and looking to hire three more caretakers to avoid a problem like this again.
  • 2022/12: Response time has decreased temporarily due to the profile verifications being added to our main queue.
  • 2022/07: Decrease in response time is due to some members of the Caretaking team moving to a new Trust & Safety team. We are hiring and training up new caretakers to replace the people we lost.
  • 2021/08: Onboarding 8 new on-site caretakers. All 8 should be fully trained up by Nov 1st, '21.

What percent of reports are reviewed and handled within 24 hours?

Takedown Requests

We believe that consent can be revoked at any time. Hence, we make it easy for both members and non-members to request any picture or video of them to be taken down without the need to fill out a DMCA takedown request.

How much content did we remove at the request of members?

Child Sexual Abuse Material

We have a zero-tolerance policy for child sexual abuse material (CSAM). When a valid CSAM report is confirmed, we take the content in question down immediately. Next, we lock the account and put it in the delete queue. We also follow all legal requirements to report child pornography to the proper authorities.

How much CSAM did we take action on?

  • 2021/08: Numbers for the months of August to November '21 are inflated due to a tagging mistake. We noticed the issue in December but we couldn't re-review the cases for earlier months earlier because deleted content is permanently deleted after 30 days.

How prevalent were CSAM violations?

Registered Sex Offenders

A Registered Sex Offender (RSO) convicted of a violent or nonconsensual offense is not permitted to have an account on FetLife. For more information, see our RSO Guideline.

How many RSOs did we remove?

  • 2022/12: RSO Numbers were adjusted to reflect profiles removed without a report on-site.

Hate Speech

As a community, we pride ourselves on being beautifully diverse and accepting of each other's differences. We continue to work hard and look for ways to make FetLife more open and safe so that people feel free to be their authentic selves.

How much hate speech content did we take action on?

  • 2023/03: Due to adjustments in our Hate Speech guidelines, we had a jump in the number of cases.

How prevalent were hate speech violations?

Animal Cruelty

We are big animal lovers and don't allow any form of animal cruelty. Animal cruelty includes but is not limited to animal abuse, bestiality, etc.

How much content promoting animal cruelty did we take action on?

How prevalent were animal cruelty violations?

Exchange of Sex Acts for Goods

We respect and support sex workers. But, due to the risk that the exchange of sex acts for goods or services puts on the community, we can't allow it. We remove any post where someone is either offering to buy or sell a sex act. If the person continues after we've warned them, they risk having their profile permanently deleted.

How much exchanging of sex acts for goods or services did we take action on?

How prevalent were the exchange of sex acts for goods or services violations?

We're always looking for ways on how to improve our transparency report. So if you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to email us at: [email protected].