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How do the different group pre-moderation settings work?

Every group leader can update 4 global group settings for pre-moderation.

Here's what each one of them mean:

First time poster

When someone creates a discussion in the group for the first time, their discussion will end up as a pending discussion and will need to be approved by a group leader first. Once a discussion of that member is approved, future group discussions of the member in that specific group no longer need to be pre-moderated.

Crossposting limit reached

Whenever a member hit the crossposting limit, new discussions, for the next 24 hours, in any group where the crossposting pre-moderation setting is enabled will need to be pre-moderated.

Potential fake / scam

If a discussion includes any terms that would get auto-reported to the FetLife team for review, then the discussion will end up requiring pre-moderation.

Potential commercial promotion / advertisement

Group discussions created by members that potentially advertise commercially on FetLife will require pre-moderation.