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How to uninstall the Official FetLife App?


Depending on the Android version you have, some or all of the following steps will work.

  • Delete the app from the settings (Chrome only)
  • Hold the app icon until a pop-up appears and press Remove
  • Hold the app icon until you can move it around and drag the app to Remove or Uninstall at the top right corner. Once it turns red, remove your finger from the app to delete it

iPhone and iPad

  1. Hold the app icon until a pop-up appears
  2. Press Delete Bookmark
  3. Press Delete

Chrome on Windows and MacOS

  1. Open the Official FetLife App
  2. Press the more menu in the top right (looks like 3 dots or lines on top of each other)
  3. Press Uninstall FetLife

Alternatively you can navigate to chrome://apps/ from the Chrome browser address bar and right click the FetLife app icon.

Safari on MacOs

  1. Find the Official FetLife App in your Mac's Launchpad
  2. Move the app to the bin
  3. Click Remove

Edge on Windows and MacOS

  1. Navigate to edge://apps from the Edge browser address bar
  2. Find the FetLife App and press the x icon on the right
  3. Confirm deletion