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Supported Browsers

To optimally browse FetLife we highly recommend using our supported browsers:

  • Chrome 75+
  • Safari 14+
  • Edge 91+
  • Firefox 78+
  • Opera 64+

What if my current browser is not on the list above?

If you are on a slightly older browser (or on a modern alternative browser), chances are everything will work just fine. In case you experience issues over time or are perving through an old browser, we recommend you upgrade it or change it. We recommend installing these browsers:

  • On Windows: Upgrade to Chrome
  • On Apple Products: Upgrade Safari or move to Chrome

If you are already on a supported browser, but you are still encountering issues, we recommend upgrading your browser to the latest version.

How do I upgrade my browser to the latest version?

Each browser upgrades differently:

What about my bookmarks, history, etc.?

You will be given an option to import existing data from your old browser during install.

Why all this?

FetLife's engineering team follows development and security best practices but outdated browsers can't keep up with them because they lack the latest technology improvements.

By upgrading your browser you'll not only help us to push the product forward faster, but also experience a safer and faster browsing experience across the web.