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Why did I get locked out?

You've tripped a trigger, and suddenly you're locked out of your profile with a security message popping up! Why did this happen?

Here's the most common reasons members get locked out of their profiles for security reasons, and how to fix it to get you back among your pervy friends:

  • Your browser suddenly started reloading the same page again and again and again. It's a browser bug. We suggest you update the browser to it's latest version.
  • You have "HoverZoom" installed. HoverZoom doesn't play nice with FetLife - you have to actually uninstall it to stop the lockouts.
  • Sometimes browser extensions and add-ons can be a bit over-eager and appear malicious. If you're getting locked out, we recommend uninstalling all your extensions and see if that stops it! Then you can add them back one by one.