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When one (or more) person gets sperm (cum) put on their face usually directly from the penis. It is often 'shot' into the face at the moment of orgasm.

For many the goal of a facial is to bask in the sensation of receiving cum from the person they are with, the reasons for enjoying this vary. The face can be seen as a very sensitive, highly personal and primal place to receive a partner's cum, since our faces are where we communicate from and are often how we identify one another. The act of a facial can therefore have connotations of someone "claiming" another - where the person that is the source of the cum is 'marking their territory' and claiming the other person. Sometimes the goal can also be more light-hearted such as being part of a game to see if the person can sucessfully ejactulate on to their partner's face from a distance.


An extreme version of a facial. During a bukkake the person receiving cum on their face and head does so from multiple people, usually until they are covered in a lot of cum. This is believed to have originated in Japan in the 1980s and subsequently became popular through porn (source).

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