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More like guidelines and a lot less like definitions.


A social meet up between Kinksters in a public vanilla setting. This could be at a place to eat (the word 'munch' originated as a shorthand for a "burger munch") but also in places like a bar or pub (sometimes referred to as a "Slosh") for alcoholic beverages.

The general term has however grown beyond just eating or having a drink, people also organize social meetings between kinksters to play boardgames, go climbing, go for a hike or any other physical activity that can be done in a public vanilla setting.

The goal of a munch is mostly to be a social space to meet other people that are into BDSM/kink and allows you to create a network of people you know to talk about it, and if there is a click, consider to go further with them beyond something suited for a vanilla setting. Munches are however not a place to look for a "date", but approach people like you would in any other vanilla setting or in a way you would approach them to become friends. It is a great way to get to know people in your area to talk to and to share ideas with.

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