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Dronification is a process where a person will transform into a drone that is detached from the world around them and perform functions as if they are a machine. These functions are often kink and sex related and are usually part of objectification as drones are usually looking to become an object in as many ways as possible. The application of hypnosis can often part of the drone creation process. It is also not uncommon that drones have a specific drone name or "designation."

A drone is likely to wear tight full body-covering garments, often made out of latex, with a mask to detach themselves from the current situation. The masks are often modified gas masks so they do not show the drone's expressions. The latex clothing is tight in order to help contain the drone and alter the sensations they feel in order to match their state of mind. The drone can wear other clothing over their drone suit and earmuffs are often included in order to exclude the drone from their surroundings even more. Their look can be very futuristic, similar to cyberpunk, and are sometimes inspired by Japanese manga.

People who undergo dronification are likely to be a submissive type person in a dynamic with a dominant type person. They are there to serve in a similar way as a slave or a fuckdoll.

Dronification may be considered a similar role to dollification but the setting, feel and implementation are very different.

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