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A man who enjoys the experience of watching or knowing their partner has sex with someone else.

Cuckolds often enjoy being humiliated or watching their partner being 'better satisfied' by another man but the play and enjoyment can vary between people.

The term cuckold has a rather storied history, going back hundreds of years. It was used as an insult as it meant that you had no control over or respect from your wife, since it used to be seen that no self respecting man would let his wife 'play around'. The kink dynamic of being a cuckold and encouraging your wife to have sex with others as part of your own sexual gratification is a new thing in comparison with the historic use of the word.

Related roles include:

  • stag - similar to cuckold but with more emphasis on voyeurism
  • steer - a male bottom role sometimes similar to a cuckold but with a focus on castration play
  • cuckoldress - the woman (usually dominant) who has a cuckold for their partner
  • vixen - a woman who enjoys her partner watching her with another man
  • Hotwife - a married woman who enjoys sleeping with other men (and their husband knows)
  • Hothusband - a married man who enjoys sleeping with other women (and their wife knows)
  • Queanbull - The husband or male partner who enjoys sleeping with people other than their significant other.
  • Bull - the 'other man' in the dynamic, usually a top role.
  • Cuckcake - the other girl that the Cuckquean brings home for her man to fuck

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