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More like guidelines and a lot less like definitions.


In contemporary kink a Dominant is a person who consensually receives power, authority, or control in a relationship, scene, or activity.


In core (or traditional) BDSM the role of a Dominant is more specific. The difference between Dominant and submissive (D/s) and Master and slave (M/s) dynamics is the extent of the Power Exchange. Master is considered an earned title but dominant is considered more of a role. Someone may use the term Dominant to indicate that they are not yet a master or that they aspire to one day gain the title of master, they are considered to be lesser in rank to a Master and may still be learning.

In a core BDSM D/s relationship consent is considered to be irrevocable as it is given to the negotiated dynamic rather than to individual actions. If consent is revoked or changed then the dynamic is considered broken - similar to a marriage ending in divorce. A Dom who violates a hard limit may be denied the privilege of remaining in their community due to them not upholding the values and traditions demanded of them.

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