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Role fits: any gender Alignment: Submissives and Bottoms

A person who likes to exhibit one or more of the following behaviors: teasing, playful, sneaky, mischievous, stubborn, rebellious, sassy, provocatively defiant, or disobedient. This behavior may be a component of their power exchange relationship and should be consented to beforehand.

Compatible Dynamics Include:

  • Handlers are partners that specialize in taming (or handling) brats.
  • Tamers synonymous with Handler.

Types of Brat Include:

  • Feral Menace - (pet + brat) Subby but stabby. Brats gone wild. Chaos but for good.
  • Princess - A person who requires a particular treatment of praise, care, and attention.
  • Spoiled Child - (age player + brat) a submissive ageplayer — typically a little — acting as a spoiled and annoying child.
  • SAM - Smart Ass Masochist. Likes to incur the wrath of their Dom

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