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Relationship Anarchist

An ethically non-monogamous individual who does not perceive a hierarchy in relationships with friends, sexual or romantic partners. Connections within relationship anarchy are understood to be fluid and in motion, and the Relationship Anarchist’s even considers themselves to have a strong relationship with themselves. Sometimes they consider their relationship with themselves to be a "primary" type of relationship.

Relationship Anarchy is sometimes abbreviated to RA.

Often relationship anarchy is practiced by people that identify themselves as solo poly, but this is not exclusively so. In general they consider any kind of connection to be a "relationship" and they manage those depending on what connection is between them. A staple ethos is that they value all connections, but will allocate their time and effort to different connections differently based on the connection, not the perceived value they "should" be.

How they shape their connections and how they communicate about their connections differs greatly. Common analogies for describing their relationships can involve "galaxies" with attraction forces, drawer cabinets with drawers for a connection type or a village with different inhabitants.

The most common analogy is that relationship anarchy is the opposite of a "relationship escalator" or "relationship ladder" (where relationships are moving towards a goal like marriage or children). They may therefore refer to relationships in terms of not seeking to "level up" but just existing in their own space without any levels or steps to achieve. These relationship are connections to have independent of how society may perceive them to belong in a certain "stage" of a relationship.

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