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Wax Play

A form of play that uses candles or heated pots containing wax crystals. The recipient(s) of this type of play will have the hot wax dripped on their body by the applicant(s).

Commonly the recipient of wax play will be in a fairly stationary position so that the wax can drip in positions on the body as intended by the applicant. The type of wax used is carefully considered to ensure a body safe melting temperature. The height the wax drops from is also considered so that it can cool down enough to be body safe. There is a potential for skin burns with this play as melted wax can be very hot. Common, and safer, materials used for wax play include soy wax due to it's lower melting point.

Wax play is sometimes combined with other forms of play, like Rope Bondage. Especially different styles of Japanese Bondage which are known to incorporate wax and candles in their ropes as part of the tradition.

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