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A partner who is not just open to their partner bringing in new partners, but actively facilitates and encourages connections between their partners, including sexual connections. Cheerleaders can be any gender or orientation.

Cheerleaders are actively searching for possibilities, and stimulating situations wherein their partner has sex or relationships with others.

This role is not the same as a cuckold, instead cheerleader's enjoy that their partner enjoys others (they might also join in) and experiences compersion. In ethically non-monogamous relationships, a cheerleader is what a stag is for his vixen.

The enthusiasm with which they sex-positively cheer their partner(s) makes them a "cheerleader" rather than any affiliation with other kinks. Compersion, and love, and mutual hornyness is the motivation.

The term is regularly used in polyamorous and other forms of "open" relationships.

  • "I am so glad you are not only willing to allow me to see other partners but that you are actually my **cheerleader" or
  • "Try this new thing, honey, I'll be your **cheerleader" or
  • "This new kink of yours is not so much my thing, but I'll be your **cheerleader" or
  • "Look what your **cheerleader* found for you on Fetlife, today!"*

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