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Polysaturation is a term used within the context of polyamory to describe a situation where an individual feels they have reached their maximum capacity or limit for maintaining multiple romantic or sexual relationships. It refers to a state of being emotionally, physically, or time-wise fulfilled or overwhelmed by the number of partners or commitments one has.

In polyamorous relationships, individuals may have multiple concurrent intimate relationships, with the knowledge and consent of all involved parties. However, each person has their own capacity for managing and balancing those relationships based on their emotional, physical, and logistical capabilities.

When someone feels polysaturated, it means they have reached their personal limit in terms of the number of partners or relationships they can comfortably and responsibly handle. This can vary greatly from person to person, as everyone has different emotional capacities, time commitments, and needs for personal space and self-care.

Feeling polysaturated can be a natural and valid response to the demands and complexities of maintaining multiple relationships. It may prompt individuals to communicate their needs, renegotiate boundaries, or make adjustments in their relationship arrangements to ensure their well-being and the quality of their connections.

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