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The activity of stretching the genitalia or anus to create sensations that are arousing to a person. This may also have a mental effect where people feel more accomplished by reaching a certain size or feel a sense of humiliation that something fits. It can be done on your own or with a partner.

People do this activity as a form of "training" where they increase the size of the inserted object gradually to achieve a bigger stretch. This training can be done as preparation, but also something that is pleasant as an activity on it's own.

In some dynamics this anal training is used as a form of submission where the s-type person will undergo the training for the D-type person to appease them.

Anal stretching

This is one of the more common forms of stretching and sometimes referred to as "anal training".

In general, anal stretching includes the application of a variety of anal toys with the goal of increasing anal insertion capabilities.

In some cases anal stretching is used to accommodate anal fisting or double or triple anal penetration. Also large dildos and deep anal fisting can be part of anal stretching. This kind of stretching can go really far and will take time to achieve.

For the anatomical terms used, check a picture of the large intestine for reference. [1]

There are 2 main forms of anal stretching, width stretching and depth stretching:

Anal width stretching

Width stretching usually focusses on the sphincter and rectum, with the goal being to be able to insert toys of increasing girth. This is often where anal plugs are used as, due to their bulbous shape, they can be worn over a longer period of time to get used to a certain size. Once the sphincter and rectum have adapted, plugs of increasing size can be used iterately so the person can slowly get used to the next bigger size.

Several physical sensations come into play with this type of stretching. The stretching of the sphincter muscles and the fullness of the rectum can be an erotic experience for many people. Additionally, people with a prostate will experience a mix of pressure and stimulation often associated with a prostate massage - this can become a very intense milking sensation when very large plugs are used.

There are also psychological reasons that people enjoy this form of play as having ones sphincter held/forced wide open, mixed with the intense pressure of a completely filled rectum can make people feel very vulnerable, creating a strong feeling of surrender.

Over time, very large widths can be reached with years of consistent training. The list below is a rough approximation of what can be expected - but as always: your mileage may vary - listen to your body.

Width cm/inch | General Benchmarks

  • 2 cm | 0.8" | Should be doable for most people
  • 3 cm | 1.2" | Should be doable for most people
  • 4 cm | 1.6" | "regular cock" size
  • 5 cm | 2" | "big cock" size - may need some training
  • 6 cm | 2.4" | Start of oversizing - needs training
  • 7 cm | 2.8" | Fisting with small fists becomes possible
  • 8 cm | 3.1" | Double anal with 2 big cocks becomes possible
  • 9 cm | 3.5" | 1 year MINIMUM of constant training usually needed
  • 10 cm | 4" | Upper limit for many; double fisting becomes possible
  • 11 cm | 4.3" | 2-3 years MINIMUM of constant training usually needed
  • 12 cm | 4.7" | 2-3 years MINIMUM of constant training usually needed
  • Wider than this is possible, but the human body does have limits so be cautious!

Anal depth stretching

Depth stretching usually focusses on the large intestine as a whole, where the goal is to be able to insert toys of increasing length. The challenge with increasing insertion depth (usually beyond 7" or 8") is the natural shape of the large intestine, where after the rectum, a sharp turn into the sigmoid colon happens. There needs to be a very thorough cleansing of the whole colon and extreme caution needs to be applied due to the risk of injury when penetrating into the curve. Very long and flexible dildos are used to achieve bigger insertion depths - the flexibility allows the toy to pass the sigmoid colon.

The feeling of an object passing deeply into ones body is pleasurable for practitioners. On a particularly skinny person, the shape of the inserted dildo can be seen through the belly from the outside, creating a visual effect known as a 'stomach bulge' that some people like to watch.

The list below is a rough approximation of what can be expected - but as always: your mileage may vary - listen to your body.

Length cm/inch | Remarks

  • 50 cm | 20" | descending colon full, beginner level
  • 100 cm | 40" | transverse colon full, advanced level
  • 150 cm | 60" | whole area full - limit reached, expert level

Over time, with consistent training, the sigmoid colon can sometimes be straightened, allowing a mixture of width and depth stretching.

Penis stretching or pumping

This can be done with either a penis pump or a penis stretcher where the owner of the penis is looking to be able to have a bigger penis. This is often coupled with a sense of increased masculinity, but is also a sensation people enjoy in the same sense as cock & ball torture. The penis pump is more used to enlarge the penis, where as the stretcher is more often used purely for the stretch sensation.

Besides the penis the scrotum can also be stretched. This can be done with weights and in some communities people will wear weighted rings around the base of the scrotum to enable this stretch.

Vaginal Stretching

Vaginal stretching can be enjoyed for a number of reasons e.g: be able to accommodate fisting or double/triple penetration. However it is also an activity where people will enjoy insert increasingly larger dildo's or objects into the vulva, this is sometimes also referred to as "sizing" or "dilating".

For stretching there are dildo's that increase in size, but also inflatable ones that use air to increase the size. This can also be done by hand by adding one finger at a time to slowly increase the stretch.

Multiple holes

Some people may stretch both the anus and vagina at the same time. Either by fisting or with a combination of toys. This is sometimes also referred to as "stuffing".

Penetrative sex & stretching

In some cases people will combine penetrative sex with stretching. This can be done in several ways. Including the person wearing a large strapon, or using a penis sleeve. But alternatively people will also combine fisting with penetrative sex, this practice is sometimes referred to as "hot gloving".


There are health risks to stretching when it goes beyond the limits of the body normally does which can cause very serious injuries. Including internal tearing and soft tissue damage. Building up slowly and carefully is, therefore, important.

In many stretching practices, lube is very much needed to make sure no tearing happens. A low budget option that some people use are inserting more and more magic markers or other household objects but these come with hygiene risk as they can burst and can result in tearing due to sharp edges.

When using a hand, especially when going deeper, the use of gloves is advised to reduce any edges from nails and other parts of the hands. This combined with lots of lube can make this safer and more sustainable.


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