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Dogging is a British slang term for sexual acts in public. The act is enjoyed by both exhibitionists and voyeurs.

In the 1970s, originally the slang came from the act being done in places where people would walk their dogs. Referring to voyeurs, mostly male, going out with their dogs on a walk in the hope to catch exhibitionist couples having sex outdoors. The walking of the pet would be used as excuse for them being in that area. The act however has been documented to have happened way earlier in the 20th century. In the early 2000s this became a more popular thing due to presentations of the act in the media.

In most countries in the world this form of exhibitionism is not legal and one can be prosecuted and fined for doing this. There are some countries where laws about sexual acts in public are more loose, but they are very limited. Hence dogging is in many countries illegal.

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