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Blood Play

Forms of play that results in blood being drawn from the body and has enjoyment or fetisization of the blood itself. In some cases fake blood or blood of animals is used to achieve a similar effect.

For many the sight, smell and feel of blood can be a fear inducing situation, resulting in added adrenaline and other brain chemicals altering the mental play state. In some cases play can also be ritualistic in nature where the blood has additional meaning and purpose for the participant(s) of a scene or dynamic. What blood means to people differs a lot, so many different sub-forms of play exist.

It is closely related to knife play, needle play, and hooking. But also has looser connections with impact play using items like a vampire glove or a meat hammer. Certain kinds of whips are also sometimes used to draw blood. In other instances people will use the time while a person is menstruating to have sexual interaction and enjoy this kind of connection with them and their blood.

Knife, needle and hooking

All of these kinks can involve the piercing of the skin in a controlled manner.

In knife play this may include scar carving or scarification as an artistic expression. But also general play with sharp knives can result in light cuts with blood that is controlled, where blood comes from a specific space where the body can easily heal and the resulting blood can have an intense mental effect.

Needle play can be both artistic and fear inducing. The blood that comes out after a needle is removed can be considered a form of blood play. In some cases people will purposefully use areas of the body that are well circulated to create a large release of blood on removal of the needle. This happens often in the facial areas.

Hooking may be artistic or it can also be used to restrain as people are literally hooked using meat hooks through the skin. In more extreme case there are people suspended in the air from larger hooks. On removal, blood is likely to come out of the areas that the person has been hooked on.

In some cases barbed wire is also used as a restraint, potentially resulting in blood.

Impact play

In impact play the blood play can revolve around using different kinds of impact toys that could break the skin. This can include things like vampire gloves that have small spikes that pierce the skin on impact or whips with attachments made for opening up the skin.

Other impact toys that can break the skin enough to produce blood are;

  • single tail whips
  • chains
  • asphalt gloves
  • curry combs
  • vampire gloves & vampire paddles
  • Every day objects used as toys like barbed wire or meat hammers (as these are not made to be toys they can come with increased risks).

Period Play

Enjoying sexual activities when a person is menstruating can be blood play, particularly when blood is an addition to the scene. The blood can be seen as a trophy, but others may use it to make it extra "dirty". This is however very personal to people's preferences as menstruating is a natural part of the human experience and some folks simply enjoying being with their partner during this time.


Due to the nature of blood, the risk of contamination to the person bleeding is a factor. Any item piercing the skin through to a lower layer should be properly sterilised (which is different to disinfection). Anatomy and placement should also be thought carefully about to avoid blood vessels, nerves or other important structures like saliva glands. A lot of precautions are needed to make sure that contamination does not happen.

Blood borne pathogens are also a risk to the person piercing the skin. Blood from another person can transfer STIs / STDs, but also blood type differences in certain quantities can cause the recipient to become sick.

'Blood binding' or becoming 'blood bound' is a phrase often used to describe when tools and toys have come into contact with a person's blood. Since objects are often porous there is often no way to sterilise them, so blood that has penetrated a toy could be transferred to another person. To prevent this a toy or tool is declared 'blood bound' to that person and is only used on that person in future. This is not something to be done without extensive consent.

For example: Commonly you will see meat hammers made out of wood and considered "blood bound" to a person once their blood has been on the hammer. Note that many of these tools are fairly cheap and giving them to a person who's blood is on them is considered a normal thing to do.

Presence on FetLife

Blood as a bodily fluid is part of FetLife's guidelines about blood. Many people still practice blood play but FetLife has to have a policy to restrict public content involving blood due to external factors beyond their control.

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