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A Primal who enjoys being hunted or taking on a carnal submissive role in play, usually associated with (Primal Predator).

Being primal, on a basic level, is being in touch with one's animalistic side similar to something like a wolf in a human body. Primal Prey embody this in their actions and attitude. They may bite, scratch, growl, whimper, beg, howl or employ other behaviors traditionally associated with animals. Sometimes more specifically acting “lower on the food chain”, or lower in stature to their chosen Primal mate. Often Primal Predators behave similarly and fuck like they understand their mate (the primal prey) can take it.

Primal Prey enjoy sex that symbolically models the animal kingdom and presumed “wildlife rules” or “jungle rules” (e.g: survival of the fittest / where there are no laws or rules and force can be used to obtain what someone wants). Generally Prey enjoy being hunted and captured and may commonly embrace elements of consensual-non consent sex, pain play, humiliation, degradation, and more!

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