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Mostly characterized by being elusive, independent, mysterious but loyal and assertive, someone who chooses to go without the social hierarchy and external validation, doesn't care for peer pressure or societal norms they do what they want when they want. A contrast to the Alpha and beta archetypes but possessing some of the characteristics of both.

They often considered a bit of line wolf, but can also be charming, charismatic and can ooze confidence without being a push over. With their detachment from social hierarchy they tend to be less sensitive to social pressures and are commonly on the introverted side of the spectrum. Some consider them more "rare", but in general they tend to stand out less due to their reduced social signature.


The idea of being a "Sigma" personality is derived from the pseudoscience associated with alpha & beta males. This is a masculine cultural background which some people may consider problematic. There has been documentation that disproves the myth of the Alpha Male (second source). The term is also sometimes associated with manosphere groups, in particular incel groups. The term itself however is less in the focus of this discussion as they people identifying with the label are less involved with these associations.

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