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Smart Ass Masochist

A Masochist with a razor sharp tongue that will intentionally, but consensually, attempt to get a rise from their partner. Often abbreviated to SAM.

Although this definition is similar to a "brat"; the role can be differentiated by the level of intensity.

A SAM is generally less playful and more intentional towards their partner. A SAM may view the antagonizing of their partner as a sign that they are being successful in their endeavors.

In this dynamic SAMs usually have pre-negotiated autonomy within their dynamic or scene where they are allowed to try and be playful with their partner as a means to request “funishment” or illicit an immediate “Primal” response.

Smart-ass masochists tend to be Bottoms or submissives as their primary motivator is usually a desire for a response or "to get in trouble".

Their counterparts are often Sadists, Tops or Dominants of some kind.

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