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Short and more typically used form of Kinbakushi, also sometimes referred to as Nawashi, and are a recognized proficiency practitioner of Japanese Bondage. The title is generally reserved for a select group of people who have been recognized for their skill and proficiency in Japan and are considered masters in their style of Japanese bondage.

Although there is no institute that determines when the title is recognized, they are mostly determined by recognition by the populous. Notable names are for example; Chimuo Nureki, Haruki Yukimura, Go Arisue, Osada Eikichi, Akechi Denki, Naka Akira, Hajime Kinoko, Randa Mai, Chiba Eizoh, Ren Yagami, Kazami Ranki, Akechi Kanna, Osada Steve and Benio Takara.

Note: This is however not a complete list of people who would be considered this title due to the nature of the Japanese bondage community.

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