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Suicidal Thoughts

Also known as suicidal ideation.

Suicidal Thoughts & Kink

People who live with suicidal thoughts and ideations may sometimes engage in kink as a safe way to feel a rush of emotions. Intense BDSM/kink scenes can lead to sub drop - which can sometimes temporarily exaggerate existing thoughts and ideations.

Suicidal Thoughts & Sex

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Suicidal Thoughts & Relationships

People who have quality relationships are much happier and less likely to commit suicide. Quality is defined by each individual. Some may want to see their loved ones more frequently and some may limit it to less than once a month. Prioritizing positive relationships greatly improves health. However, having suicidal thoughts and ideations does not explicitly mean a lack of quality relationships.

Suicidal Thoughts & Identity

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United States

  • The LifeLine. Call 988 if you need immediate support and crisis resources.

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