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More like guidelines and a lot less like definitions.


Neurodivergent people have different brain function when compared on a bell curve to other people (who mostly sit in the center of the curve). People who are not neurodivergent are known as neurotypical or allistic. Neurodivergence is NOT a mental health condition but a difference in function.

Neurodivergence can include developmental conditions such as ADHD and autism as well as learning difficulties like dyslexia. Neurodivergent people usually have standard mental health and should not be considered 'other' or 'unstable' simply for being neurodivergent.

People who are neurodivergent may have different strengths or experience different challenges (from living in a discriminatory and fast moving world) when compared with neurotypical people.

Neurodivergent people can make great BDSM players because they often have traits such as attention to detail, and focused learning.

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