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A person who identifies with or enjoys role playing as a succubus.

In mythology, a succubus is a female sex demon known for seducing or sexually assaulting men during the night as they sleep. Someone who identifies as a succubus may play with concepts or kinks related to this such as consensual non consent and orgasm play.

The male counterpart of a succubus is called an Incubus.


A succubus is a mythological creature or supernatural entity often depicted in folklore, legends, and religious texts. According to folklore, a succubus is a female demon or spirit that seduces and engages in sexual activity with men, typically while they are asleep.

Succubi are often portrayed as alluring, seductive beings who drain the life force or energy of their victims through sexual encounters. In various mythologies and cultural beliefs, succubi are associated with nightmares, sleep paralysis, and nocturnal emissions.

Lilith As A Succubus

It is believed by some people that Lilith was the first Succubus

Ben Sira (Simon the Just), a Jewish scribe, cites the Bible passage indicating that after creating Adam, God realizes that it is not good for man to be alone (Genesis 2:18). In Ben Sira’s additions to the biblical tale, God fashions another person from the EARTH, a female called Lilith. Soon the human couple begins to fight. Lilith refuses to lie underneath Adam during sex; but he insists that she is beneath him. She is simply asserting her personal freedom. Lilith states, “We are equal because we are both created from the earth."

By refusing to submit, Lilith incurred the wrath of God and fled to the Red Sea, where she was cast from paradise forever and became the succubus (a temptress of innocent men), the breeder of evil spirits, and a child-murdering monster of the night.

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