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Dollification is the process of transforming someone into a “Doll.” These changes can be mental or physical and often, but not always, are achieved through domination using humiliation, objectification, degradation, and/or dehumanization.

Transformation can include physical changes such as (but aren't limited to):

  • Cosmetic procedures to permanently or semi-permanently alter the doll's body such as implants and rhinoplasty (permanent alterations) or "permanent" makeup, lip and cheek fillers (semi-permanent alternations).
  • Outfit changes such as costumes or latex suits
  • Makeup application
  • Liquid latex being used to coat the body

A doll's mind may also be altered with the use of hypnosis, or with (consensual) operant and/or classical conditioning.

Doll play can involve playing with the doll while they hold the position they’re placed in until moved and quiet, aka minimize breath sounds, regardless of how their body is being played with.

Dolls can have any body type, but some people may feel more like a doll because of their body shape.

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