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In kink, this usually refers to a person who takes on an "active" role of providing stimulation or facilitating play for the Bottom. The Top carries out the execution of kink on the giving end, with the bottom on the receiving end.

Note that unlike a Dominant, a Top does not necessarily have to assume control or engage in powerplay.

As an umbrella role

Often the role is also used as an umbrella term by people who feel that their role is not as rigid as other power dynamic roles or because it changes from connection to connection. As an umbrella term, it is usually used when the person carries out/gives/controls the play. This is reflected in other roles like Leather Top, Needle Top, Rope Top and Service Top who use the "Top" to indicate that they are the person giving a specific type of play to another person.

As a LGBTQ+ community role

In the LGBTQ+ community, the term is also used for the partner who performs penetration in sex, or a person who generally prefers to perform it rather than receive it. See Top (gay culture).

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