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Denim Play

Denim play (sometimes referred to as Denimatrix play when performed by a female presenting person) is play that focuses on or fetishizes denim clothing. Usually the denim clothing is worn by a Dominant. Often the Dominant will be dressed in tight jeans, either in tight crotchless jeans or just tight skinny jeans, which are often worn without underwear and with no belt.

Other forms of denim clothing may also be used such as a denim jacket.

The denim wearing dominant often engages in play such as facesitting and smothering their partner so that the denim is pressed up against them. Often they enjoy their partner's struggles. Getting cum stains or other bodily fluids on denim clothing is seen as a bonus and seeing a crotch bulge or a penis sticking out of a jeans' zipper in Dominants who have a penis is often considered very arousing.

The name denimatrix was also used by a City British wrestling promotor who was described as 'seductive' and dressed in skin tight denim.

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