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Pixies in the BDSM community are an identity that is both based on behaviour as well as a more ethereal nature. Referencing the Fair Folk of Briton Cornish/Devon origin, they are impish creatures of mischief and neutrality. They are relatively peaceful with a love of dancing, childlike whimsy, and even assistance to favourite humans... As much as they like playing tricks, Pixies are helpful and may lean into service role tendencies (such as housework duties.)

That doesn't make them entirely benevolent. Like the folklore tales of being "pixy-led", for their own amusement they may provoke, confuse, trick, or play... Sometimes even stealing your pretty shiny objects.

A lot of Pixies may identify as brats or pets, as the behaviour will closely align with bratting or faerie-centric petplay, but this doesn't necessarily have to be the case. Some may choose this Role because they feel they are Incarnated Elemental Souls or Pixie Otherkin, so it becomes a representing role that encompasses every aspect of their life - including kink activities.

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