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Solo Poly

Solo poly refers to a person that has a polyamorous style of connection with people but also acts and behaves in a way that resembles someone that is single and independent. They are likely not living with any of their partners or are financially dependent on them. This may be a lifestyle choice or due to certain circumstances.

Sometimes "solo poly" also refers to a person that is polyamorous, but does not have any relationships currently. An alternative term used for solo poly is sometimes "singleish".

Solo polyamory is also often linked with Relationship Anarchy due to the independent nature of the individual they may consider any relationship they have not to be part of a "relationship escalator" (focused on a goal e.g: getting married and having children). Due to this stance there is sometimes some fuzziness around what relationships look like to a person that is solo poly so sometimes other people may consider their relationships to be "less serious" than relationship that focus on traditional goals like nesting together. This however is often not the case for the people in these relationships.

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