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More like guidelines and a lot less like definitions.

Slave Training

An umbrella term that refers to Master and slave roles and/or social contracts between other dynamics within BDSM where there are activities or processes related to someone changing from a non-slave role to the slave role. This can have elements of group initiation around it. It can also form a kind of therapy, processing topics such as shame and natal alienation. This family of activities is distinct from Collaring, where a relationship is recognized, and instead tends to represent a period of time akin to courtship in that relationship's progression.

Slave Breaking

Slave training in a CNC (consensual non-consent) framework — consists of BDSM activities that assert hierarchy where the person in the receiving role performs intense resistance against subordination. This resistance is 'broken down' through more intense discipline and degradation. This breaking of will is considered more severe than that done to a brat by a Brat Tamer.

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