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Medical Play

Medical play is a form of role play involving medical examinations and procedures in a kink setting. Often medical devices are used and the setting is a fantasy version of what a medical environment could look like.

This play explores the power dynamic between a patient and a medical professional and the vulnerability the patient will need to place themselves in to be examined or to have medical procedures done. The setting and tools really help this role play, but also things like sensory play, exposure and humiliation can be part of the dynamic.

A subset of medical play includes dental fetish where the medical play is specifically oriented towards dental care.

Common Tools & Equipment

A gynecology chair is commonly used for the patient to have their legs fixated open, sometimes combined with bondage.

Tools like the speculum, reflex hammers, stethoscope and medical tuning forks may be used.

As the setting is so important, the medical professional in the role play may also dress up accordingly (in either a realistic or kinky way) and use things like medical gloves to make it feel more authentic. Examinations with these gloves can be intimate but feel distant at the same time due to the gloves being a barrier between skin on skin contact.

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