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A Toymaker is most likely a Dominant role. They enjoy treating their partners as toys, or things to play with. They objectify their partner into becoming a perfect plaything that they can use for their own pleasure. The main focus of a Toymaker is to create ‘good toys’

This role differs from Dollification (which is achieved through Sadomasochism). Toy-Makers are more akin to “Life Coaches” who introduce someone to a new lifestyle, range of Kinks, and Fetishes to explore themselves. They do this based upon the varied appearances, action, and behavior of the current (Mind/Body) materials they have to work with when starting out. They coach the Toy into using the materials it has instead of forcibly reconstructing what they already have to fit a mold.

Toy-making is a much longer, more deeper revealing, and empathizing process. The different elements of human dignity are revealed through the evaluation of a toy's emotional/psychological aptitude as well as physical capacity, constructing their sense of dignity to whatever finishing-point both mutually agree upon in terms of what is possible. This includes exploring, educating, training and introducing them to many areas of consensual play within the range of a “Built Capacity.”

Can also refer to: A craftsman or artisan who designs and creates toys for use in BDSM.

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