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Also referred to as partner-swapping. Swinging is generally a practice between couples who exchange partners for sexual acts but can also include couples who enjoying experiencing sexual acts with someone who is not their partner (so single people are also sometimes included). People who enjoy swinging are often known as swingers.

Swinging falls under the umbrella term of Ethical Non-Monogamy which may also be referred to as the Alternative LifeStyle or LS as it is considered a lifestyle choice among many. Many people engaging in the activity say that it gives them more variety in sexual activity and helps them explore their own sexuality as well of that of their partners.

Swinging became prominent during the sexual revolution of the 1960s and has been growing in popularity ever since. During the 1980s more awareness of safer sex practices and more facilities have become available for swingers. In the modern age social platforms have been added to that ecosystem and swinging is often considered a subculture on it's own.

There are multiple rumors of what symbols swingers use to represent themselves but the only one that seems to be widely accepted is an upside down pineapple. Although it is unclear how it became associated with swinging it is believed to have started gaining more popular use as a symbol for swingers in the 1990s and has been historically associated with offering a friendly welcome and hospitality.

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