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Neotantra, sometimes referred to as tantric sexuality, is a sacred sexuality practice that prioritizes presence, mindfulness, and connection over orgasm and physical release. Practices common to Neotantra include eye gazing, mindful breathing, conscious touch, energy play, delayed orgasm, and certain positions that help align partners’ chakras (e.g., Yab Yum position).

NOTE: When talking about forms of sacred sex, the term Neotantra (not Tantra) is often the preferred term. Tantra is considered to be a collection of spiritual practices that come from Hinduism and Buddhism, and is much more than just sacred sex. To use the term Tantra instead of Neotantra (i.e., sacred sex) may be considered a form of cultural appropriation. This also includes referring to oneself as a Tantrika or Tantra practitioner as this term belongs to people of Indian or Southeast Asian ancestry who have studied these spiritual practices.

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