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The act of exchanging sexually charged messages via a chat or texting application. Common among people that are newly dating or that have a long distance relationship it is a way to have a sexual connection with someone without having to be in the same place as them.

Sometimes accompanied with pictures or small videos the interactions are generally meant as foreplay, but can also be their own full interaction. In some cases chat or texting applications are replaced with video calling application to have more live interaction between people.

There are practices where sexting is not done one on one, but also done as a group. These chat channels are open groups where people will role play together with others in a sexual way. Also the nature of the relationship can be different, sometimes sexting happens anonymously, and even long term partners that live together can engage in sexting as a form of foreplay.


Most of the time people will engage in sexting when all participants are consenting to the activity. However there are many cases where a person will attempt to engage with sexual messaging with a person without first having their consent. This practice would not be considered sexting, just harassment.

Please make sure that if you engage with texting in a sexual way with someone that you have their consent to do that beforehand.

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