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Fire Play

Fire play involves using real fire, often on or near a partner. It is commonly combined with sensory, impact and fear play.

Types of Play

  • Impact: Often coming in the form of a flogger that is drenched in flammable liquid and set on fire while flogging a person, this can also be done with single tail whips.
  • Sensation: Using Nitrocellulose (commonly known as flash cotton) to place fire on the body. Sometimes this is also done with a flammable liquid that burns quickly and at a lower temperature than other fuels (like certain dilutions of alcohol) in combination with a lower layer of isothermal gel.
  • Wax: In some cases wax play can also be considered fire play when the flame of the candle is used for other things besides melting the wax.
  • Performance: Fire play is often performed as a show during BDSM & fetish parties. There are restrictions in where things can be performed safely and in many venues it's advised to check if the owner is okay with the fire risk.


Fire play carries a risk of burns, unintended fires, damage to property and smoke or fume inhalation. So when attempting to do fire play please make sure to have proper fire safety education and preparation.

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