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Sensory Play

An umbrella term commonly used for more gentle play types that focus on subtle sensations or the taking away of senses from a Bottom. These usually involve deprivation, the overloading of senses or a combination of the two used in tandem to enhance one with the other.

Innovation is common within sensory play - food utensils, tuning forks, music instruments and all sorts of other items that cause unique sensations can be used in this kind of play.

Sensory deprivation

This is where the recipient has senses taken away. Commonly this is done with blindfolds and headphones, but also can include vacuum beds, restraints like straitjackets or other methods to reduce the senses the recipient can use.

Sensory overload

This is where extra sensations are added to create an overwhelming sensation. Commonly this is done with things like ice-cubes over the skin, feathers and other soft sensations or by playing with sound, smell and taste. For some people sensory overload creates a place of calmness.

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