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Cunt Busting

An activity with a similar goal as Cock & Ball Torture, but for people with a vulva. Cunt busting centers around inflicting pain and/or punishment inflicted to the vulva - usually given to a Masochist by potentially a Sadist. However other roles may also enjoy this activity.

The term is mostly associated with harder forms of play and inflicting pain, however it can also include softer play like pussy slapping. Often the heavier forms involve kicking, punching and hard slapping or whipping of the vulva. The outside of the vulva is however not the only area that is used in harder play. The vagina can also be punished for example with rough sex, fisting and using large dildos.

In some cases cunt busting as a punishment is used as a form of chastity as the recipient will feel it afterwards for a period of time after the activity. It is also used for objectification purposes where the recipient is not to be considered to have enjoyment from penetrative sex and the pain from regular sex is all they would receive.

With any kind of more extreme play around softer tissues there is of course risk involved. This can cause permanent damage so there is a level of care that needs to be taken when this wants to be avoided.

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